Our Collection

How many types of wine glasses do you need? We think the answer is somewhere between 1 to 3 (inclusive), and so we have the following options. We know for sure the answer isn't 275!



Glasvin Universal is very much a glass that is suited for all wines (think not just red, white but also sparkling, beers, sweet wines, etc). We love it because it's the right size for almost all situations, and works great for large groups and restaurants. Some people will view Universal as a white wine glass. It certainly goes very well with white wines, so much so that we don't have a white wine glass, and probably will never. A red wine will not flounder here either. Sometimes this style of glass is referred as an All-Purpose glass, or "AP".



We view Glasvin Expression as the perfect complement for the Universal glass. They feel very much similar. Expression is like the Universal glass but 20% larger. If you are used to having a different red wine vs a white wine glass, then Expression and Universal are a great pairing. This glass is exceptionally beautiful and a great match visually to the Universal. In many ways it feels more elegant than Universal because it is not much heavier, and because of the larger body, it feels even more balanced than the Universal. We are really excited about this glass, and we think many red-wine lovers will absolutely love this. The larger body allows wines, especially tannic wines, to breathe and aerate. Bigger whites will benefit from this glass too, if you're feeling adventurous.



Glasvin Aromatic follows a certain tradition of glassware that is gaining popularity as drinkers shift more towards mono-varietal, single-vineyard wines, where the more delicate wines are typically very aromatic and can benefit from greater accentuation and concentration of the aromas. The Glasvin Aromatic was inspired by both red and white burgundy glasses. Both Burgundy varietals will perform well in these, as well most other serious wines.



Glasvin Stemless is made to the same quality as our stemmed wine glasses. That makes them some of the most serious drink-ware on the market. They can be used to drink just about anything. We really love our Glasvin Stemless because they give you most of the experience of the Universal but because there is no stem, you don't have to worry about lightly setting it onto a surface. We are also very proud of the price we can offer this at, making handblown "stemware" more accessible to more people.