Universal Hand Blown Wine Glass


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Glasvin Universal is an ultra-light all-purpose glass, perfect for every kind of wine. We’ve designed a highly elegant and modern glass that will change how you drink wine, and how you enjoy wine with others.

    • With an industry leading weight of 100g, you won't need to be a bottle in to have a weightless glass
    • An industry leading rim that is less than 0.7mm thin puts the taster as close to the wine as possible
    • An industry leading stem that is less than 4.8mm thin
    • 9cm diameter (base and bowl)
    • 23.5cm height

    An Entirely New Experience

    Designed in New York City

    Hand-Blown Elegance, for Everyone

    Dishwasher Safe

    Caring for GLASVIN is exceptionally easy. It fits into most conventional dishwashers, and won't break easily. If handwashing, make sure to hold the glass by the bowl.

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