The Universal

The Universal

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Glasvin Universal is an ultra-light all-purpose glass, perfect for every kind of wine. We’ve designed a highly elegant and modern glass that will change how you drink wine, and how you enjoy wine with others. Each item is unique. H: 23.5cm, W: 9cm.

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    Great Glasses

    I learned about these glasses on Wine Beserkers and when it was time to upgrade my stemware, I gave them a try. The Universal is every bit as good as Zalto and Grassl. It’s lightweight, durable and the perfect size. For the price, you cannot go wrong. The icing on the cake is the customer service. From shipping notifications to the owner texting you direct to see if you received the order, it’s been an amazing experience. Cheers!!!!

    Kyle C.
    United States United States
    Great Glasses

    I was looking for a nice upscale glass for my wine. I considered Zalto and Grassl, but ultimately went with Glasvin due to the price point. The universal is an amazing glass. It’s every bit as good as Zalto and Grassl, but you won’t feel guilty if you break one. Add in David K’s amazing customer service and you have a top notch experience. I would not hesitate buying more glasses in the future and will shortly.

    Best Value for Quality

    Everything about these glasses are great. Let me start by saying, I have owned 8 Zaltos in my lifetime and I have broken 8 Zaltos. These wine glasses are on par or better than Zaltos when you consider the price and customer service. Let me explain: 1. I received 1 broken Expression glass when it was shipped to me. They overnighted me 2 new glasses, no questions asked. 2. I broke a glass in the dishwasher the first time I put it in, even though they are dishwasher safe. They sent me a new glass, no questions asked. 3. They are slim, durable, and beautiful. I don’t feel bad if I break one because it’s not breaking the bank ( ok I still feel bad). There is no reason to pay double, or in some cases, triple for almost the same exact name brand glass, when this will do the same thing for a fraction of the cost. Cheers.

    Timothy E.
    United States United States
    Tremendous value, probably my new favorite glass

    I've now made a couple of purchases from Glasvin - I find them to be the best 'bang for the buck' glass I've found in the market. Although for me Zalto may be the king, these glasses are very nearly as good but less expensive, representing a superior value. Glasvin customer service was also excellent for me - kudos to David on founding a great company with a great product. I highly recommend them and will continue to be a customer for a long time

    Ouassila S.
    United States United States
    Great glasses and great customer service

    Exceptionnel customer service The glasses are great value . I will buy more

    "The Best Products We've Used in 2020"

    "Enter NY-based Glasvin, which makes a lovely, all-purpose, hand-blown universal glass at about half the price of others. Hard to argue with as a gift for the wine-lover you know.” — Ray Isle, executive wine editor

    An Entirely New Experience

    Designed in New York City

    Elegance, for Everyone