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Hand-Blown stemware, meant for everyday use.

High-end stemware used to be for 3-Michelin Star restaurants. By going straight to the factory and cutting out the middleman, and taking a smaller markup, we can provide you with the same experience previously reserved for special occasions.

We wanted to make amazing hand-blown stemware that was blown to last, and priced to break.

Quality stemware is often thought of as an investment, something to give as a wedding gift. It goes unused, for fear of breaking expensive wine glasses, and you're left with the same ones you always had.

We had the idea to produce high quality, hand-blown glasses, and ship them to you in an affordable way.

We were inspired by the elegance of the world's greatest wine glasses from Austria - glasses we respect profoundly and companies we look up to. Glasvins have the light and ephemeral nature of glasses that you would normally find at 3 Michelin Star restaurants. They are designed to make you forget about the glass so you can appreciate the wine and company more.


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