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Glasvin Expression allows for a full bouquet of aromas to develop around the wine while still comfortably sized for all settings. The wider bowl allows for faster development in wines that need it. This glass is closest to a Bordeaux glass or a red wine glass. Each item is unique. H: 23.25cm, W: 10.8cm.

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Michael B.
United States United States
Fantastic Glasses

Incredible for the bouquet. Really eye opening. For context, our every-night glass for red for 15 years has been Riedel Ouverture Magnum. Now clicking purchase on 8 more Glasvin Expressions to take over for that important responsibility! They are beautiful, feel elegant and balanced in the hand, and most importantly clearly enhance the style of wine we are most into these days.

Carlos G.
United States United States
Great glass

I received my Expressions the other day and wanted to share my initial thoughts after only a couple of test drives. Presentation and protection of the double box with all the foam is great. I can’t see how this could break in transit. Glass itself looks great. Excellent finish and consistency across them, at least visually. Absolutely no ribbing or edges anywhere and the lips are consistently thin. The balance with and without wine is excellent. Stem is super thin without feeling like it’ll break. And I love the extra wide base. I like that overall it’s not super tall, although I’ll say the bowl feels to me shorter and more open than your typical Bordeaux glass which is taller and narrower. Kind of a Montrachet glass. I’m OK with that. Brings your nose closer to the wine. Overall a great drinking experience. I don’t have other hand blown stems at home to do a side by side, but is as great as any Zalto I’ve ***** out of. I’ve only washed them a couple times carefully by hand and had no trouble. Will put them in dishwasher as appropriate too.

John A.
United States United States
Good QPR in hand blown glasses

I've really enjoyed the Glasvin Expression stems so far. They are balanced in hand, dish-washable, and sturdy. Kind of a hybrid between the Zalto Bordeaux and Grassl Cru in terms of shape. Nice thin lip. I've been using them in my home for reds and whites, and it performs well.

A GLASVIN Customer
Vanessa U.
United States United States
A stunning glass

I can't ever go back to drinking out of other wine glasses. This has changed the whole experience. It funnels the aroma of the wine into my nose, and enhances the flavor. These are a pleasure to use. But word to the wise - either put these in the dishwasher, like GLASVIN recommends, or handwash without exerting ANY pressure on the rim. Use a small, soft sponge and an extremely light touch. I was a little too energetic washing one night and the rim crumbled like an eggshell. Now I'm extra gentle and have had no more handwashing whoopsies. Still - a glass that's worth being babied.

"The Best Products We've Used in 2020"

"Enter NY-based Glasvin, which makes a lovely, all-purpose, hand-blown universal glass at about half the price of others. Hard to argue with as a gift for the wine-lover you know.” — Ray Isle, executive wine editor

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