Glassware Photography with Dustin

Glassware Photography with Dustin

Glassware photography is a particularly challenging form of photography. When Glasvin started, all the photography was done in-house. There were a few reasons for this. First, the average photographer we found online could scarcely shoot glassware better than we could ourselves. And even the ones that said they could do glassware scarcely had any images in their portfolio.

Our most successful early photos were the atmospheric photos - where the product was secondary. Our product shots were not horrible but clearly B-grade. It gives us some joy that we lasted for so long with almost everything (website, photography, branding, packaging, etc) done in-house. We did some retouching via Upwork, and so most of the older photos you see on our product page is a result of that. These photos were done based on a youtube video we found.

Like the video, we used two glasses stacked on top of each other instead of plexi-glass. We also had a light-box in the background. Changing the distance and angle of the light-box changes the edge of the glass. To get the light-box right is exceptionally difficult. The video also shows how using a black card to get an edge, otherwise the edge would be lost to the light behind.

Our black photography was even more challenging as it required the entire room to be dark (otherwise you would see reflections of the equipment) while having enough light to get sufficient pixel information. We followed this youtube video to do those. We put black fabric on an Ikea bookshelf to create the black background.

You can see how much better our images are now that we actually got the photographer, Dustin, of the video that instructed us to take these professional photos. Funny enough Dustin is Canadian, and lives in a small city only Canadians like us would be familiar with. We were really happy when he agreed to do our product photos! See below for a video of him taking our photos.



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