The Prestige

The Prestige

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The Prestige allows for a full bouquet of aromas to develop around the wine while still comfortably sized for all settings. The wider bowl allows for faster development in wines that need it. This glass is closest to a Bordeaux glass or a red wine glass. 

Each item is unique. H: 23cm, W: 10.7cm, CAP: 700ml. 


New York City Artists Series. Pastel Squares. Created in 2020, this painting is part of a series of Caro’s small format textural works. Pastel Squares is intended to evoke minimal external associations, allowing the viewer to quiet their internal dialogue and to be more present in the moment—an experience that is enhanced by the way the works’ textured surfaces and gentle colors interact with the variations in sunlight throughout the day. Caro is a Canadian abstract artist living and working in NYC.

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