the sprice: How to Put Together a Stunning Dinnerware Set That Actually Feels Modern

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Barware Is Key, Too

David Kong of Glasvin says that when it comes to stocking your barware, there’s more than just stemware to consider. Don’t forget the elegant accent pieces, too!

“[A] decanter makes a sleek yet practical addition to any modern kitchen and barware set,” says Kong. “Perfect for a casual night in or a full-scale event, [a] decanter will aerate your wine to perfection and release the full potential of every bottle.” 

Along with a decanter, selecting your wine glasses can be overwhelming. But Kong tells us that you don’t just have to narrow your search down by size or shape—you can also select based on the type of glass. “Hand-blown stemware is ultra-light and ultra-thin, creating an experience that brings you closer to your wine—literally,” says Kong. “And it doesn’t have to break the bank. I’d encourage anyone in the market for stemware to strongly consider buying hand-blown glasses as an elegant yet functional alternative to machine-made glass. You won’t be sorry.”

Kong is also here to settle a key debate once and for all: Are champagne flutes or coupes better? “Flutes are best because of their slender shape, which promotes the joyful circulation of bubbles inside the glass,” says Kong. “The coupe, while more nostalgic in its silhouette, has a wider bowl which encourages the bubbles to dissipate more quickly.”