List of Hand Blown Glasses and Prices

When we started Glasvin, we did our research. As a result we have a list of every handblown glass in the US market and where to buy it. We think hand-blown wine glasses are really worth it!

3 models + decanter
Stems starting at $39.50/stem
Shipping is free above $150.

Gabriel Glas
Buy - distributed by Gabriel Glas International
One model ("Gold") start at $95
Shipping is extra.

Grassl Glass
Buy - distributed by CJF Selections
Four models (Liberté, Mineralité, 1855, Cru) sell at $63
Shipping is free.

Jancis Robinson
Buy - distributed by Skurnik (Note: this is no longer available on this site, but you can find it at various retailers)
One model ("1"). Also sells a pairing water glass. $64 per.
Free shipping above $250.

4 models (White, Champagne, Universal, Red) at $80

Mark Thomas
Buy - distributed by MARKTHOMAS USA
Five models (White, Red, Allround, Red Expression, Champagne) starting at roughly $66
Free shipping above $150

Nude Stem Zero
Eleven glasses at $83 and a water glass.
Free shipping on orders over $100.

There are three major handblown lines. The Sommeliers, the Superleggero, and the Fatto a Mano lines start at roughly $90.
Shipping is free above $75.

Buy - distributed by The Perfect Glass
Four models (red, white, essential, champagne) sell for $60. They can be purchased in 6 packs, or in a mixed 3 or 4 set.
Shipping is extra.

Buy - distributed by Wine Monger / Grand Cru
Six models (Universal, Bordeaux, Burgundy, White, Champagne, Dessert) and 5 other glasses. Price start at $78+
Shipping is extra.

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